AEON Interview (Day 1)

[2018: I’ve edited this post a bit.]

The fact that you’re looking up stuff for your interview with Aeon already puts you ahead.  And I’ll tell you why, eventually.  🙂

I interviewed in Columbus, OH for a position with AEON.  I was 1 out of about 30 applicants that day.  I drove down from Detroit, MI early that morning.  I left around 6 a.m. to make it for the noon interview time.  There was an event going on in downtown Columbus, so I afforded myself some extra time.  I ended up getting there any hour early, though.  Awesome.  So I hit the bathroom, made sure I didn’t look too rumpled, and sat down with my fellow candidates.

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Books vs Movies

Watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my sister, and recording our gripes about the differences.  Post coming soon about the really horrible things we noticed.


– Hermione’s Dress

– Barty Crouch

– Lapses of Time

We both agree that this is the worst adaptation out of all of them.  Ugggh, so irritating.

Tomorrow looks to be a promising day.  My first solid day off since the weekend, with no real big plans.  Ahhhh, I’m sick of working doubles.

At least, however, tomorrow is payday. 🙂

I am a lazcist

And I am damn proud of that.  I’d rue the day someone tried to tell me that I’m lazy.  I cannot stand sitting around and being bored.  I had a second job for over a year just to keep myself occupied, to keep me steady and doing something.  You can ask anyone, even if I have time off, I’m always filling it with things to do, even if they are unnecessary.

Thanks to work this morning, I realized after a conversation with a friend, that I am a lazcist.  I just can’t stand lazy people.  There are very specific job duties laid out… A, B, C, D, etc and it is your job to fulfill them.  It is NOT my job to do C and F for you, it is YOUR job to get off your lazy butt and do it for yourself.  I can’t stand when people expect me to do their work for them.  Or when people don’t do their work, so your job is in turn that much more difficult.  I will be so happy when my work performance relies only upon myself.  Until then, I will proudly where my lazcist badge upon my lapel, and continue to not do other people’s work for them.

In other news, I read an article on Johnny Depp on Yahoo! this afternoon, and I wanted to share it.  I’ve been a Johnny Depp fan for a long time, though not as long as my roommate.  I do believe he is one of her celebrity cheats, haha.

But anyways, it detailed how he always has his Captain Jack Sparrow (notice I said captain!) costume with him, in case he needs to hurry up and jump into character.  I think this is really admirable and shows his depth and devotion to his craft.

In the interview with E! News he talks about visiting kiddie hospitals, and how he would put the costume on to surprise the kids in the wards.  It’s a 2-3 hour improvisation, but I’m sure he does it wonderfully.  I wish more people were like Johnny Depp, hell, I wish I were as giving and considerate as he is.

I also remember an article I read a couple months ago about him surprising a young girl at school after she wrote a letter asking for Captain Jack Sparrow to take over her classroom.  Ahhh, there it is, I found the article: ( Well, clearly it was a couple years ago, haha.  But seriously, how cool is that.

If we had more people like Johnny Depp (even normal people!  Not necessarily actors) I think the world would be a better place.  We need more selfless, caring individuals, instead of all the self-centered and absorbed people that we see now-a-days.  One day, I will make it a personal goal to donate not only money, but my time and energy to causes I care dearly for.  I want to give back to the world, pay it forward and ensure a better environment for my future generations.

The article on Depp from Yahoo!: