NaNoWriMo Day One

Day one of NaNoWriMo is officially over for those of us in Japan.  I hemmed and hawed all day about how I wanted to start, when I wanted to start and what I wanted to do.  Finally around 11 p.m. I forced myself to sit down and just get to it.  Am I satisfied with it?  No, far from it.  But, this is going to be an exceptional learning process.  This is day one in a journey for the next thirty days.  This journey is going to teach me how to shed my inner-editor and just get the words out.  I have a story to tell, all I have to do is get it down, outside of my head.  That’s always been the hardest part.

I’m not a planner, I don’t have some great outline that’s propelling me in the direction I want to go.  I have a very basic twist figured out and the main plot figured out, but other than that everything else is up in the air.  I can already see different plot lines forming in my head, characters traits and flaws developing… It’s a scary but fun process.

So, now that day one is over, I’m looking forward to day two.  And I hope that in a week I’ll be looking forward to day nine.

Best of luck everyone!


Well, here goes nothing…


I’m super nervous, but really excited to announce that I’ve decided to take part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  I’ve thought about doing it in the past, but I never had good, concrete ideas and didn’t think I could keep it up.  I always felt like I would fail before I even started.

This time, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it, but damn am I going to try.  I’ve had this idea floating around for about a year now, it actually came from a Daily Prompt – Control.

I’ve only ever finished one story before and I want to make this the second one.  The first one was a fanfiction for the Outsiders.  I wrote it when I was 12, and then when I was 16 decided I hated it and deleted it with the intention of re-writing it.  Then I got scared and intimidated by the fandom and never finished it a second time.  Sometimes I still think about going back and writing it, just because it was something I really enjoyed.  Maybe after this I will.

So, I’ll post a bit about it here, but if you’re doing NaNoWriMo send me a buddy request.  Let’s keep each other on track!

I can’t wait to see what happens with Deedra and Madison.  This is going to be one hell of an adventure.


You’re responsible for your own happiness

As I sit here in the laundromat, I’m having a million different thoughts.  For the first time in as long as I can remember I’m all alone.  It’s caused a lot of different feelings and thoughts. 

The most important one I’ve come to is that I am wholly responsible for myself.  No one else is, just me.  I’ve always been surrounded by friends, I should really consider myself very fortunate to have such amazing people in my life.  They’ve always been there… a room away, a 5 minute drive away or even a short plane ride away.  Now, my closest friend is an hour by expensive bullet train and I don’t even have the time to visit.

I’m alone but not unhappy about it.  I was at first, I spent days crying because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  This couldn’t have come at a better time though, because its forced me to wake up and smell the coffee.  I can’t rely on those around me for my happiness.  And I’ve done that for so long I realized I don’t know how to make myself happy.  I always expected someone else to do it for me. 

I’m sorry to those in the past who I’ve relied on too much.  Thank you for always putting up with me and supporting me and being there when I needed you.  I know being my friend isn’t a walk in the park, but I thank you for sticking by me all this time. 

In the past, I’ve always wanted to blame the other person when things went sour.  “I’m the perfect friend, how could it be me.” Hahahaha.  I wish I could reach back into the past and slap myself around a little bit.  While it may not have been all my fault, I certainly had a hand in how things turned out.  More than a hand, more like a thigh or whole leg, because I could never see my own faults, only those of other people. 

Being alone has given me the opportunity to really learn about myself and know who I am.  It’s only been about a month now, but I’m sure as each day continues to march forward I’ll learn even more new and fun things about myself.  I’m actually quite excited. 

Bring it on, life.  I can handle whatever you throw at me.

So, what can I do as a Creative Writer?

I’ve thought about this a lot.  Can I really make a living out of this?  Would I ever be able to do what I love and support myself?  I think that’s one of the main reasons that I feel and get discouraged a lot.  I’m not doing this for the fame or the fortune (although some extra pocket cash would be nice).  I really just want to find a way to support myself and do what I love.  With tons of debt from school looming over my head, I have to have a job that covers all of the bills first and then I can turn to writing.  And then I’m always too exhausted to even lift a finger.

But if I want to reach my dreams, I have to lift those fingers even when I’m tired.  So, today marks that day that I take the first steps toward pursing my life-long dreams.

I found this great list over at (A most useful website!)

20 Creative Writing Career Options

  1. Greeting Card Author
  2. Comic Book Writer
  3. Novelist
  4. Creativity Coach
  5. Writing Coach
  6. Advertising (Creative)
  7. Screenwriter
  8. Songwriter (Lyricist)
  9. Freelance Short Fiction Writer
  10. Creative Writing Instructor
  11. Legacy Writer (write people’s bios and family histories)
  12. Ghostwriter
  13. Travel Writer (if you travel)
  14. Article Writer (write, submit, repeat)
  15. Columnist
  16. Video Game Writer (includes storytelling/fiction!)
  17. Personal Poet (write personalized poems for weddings, funerals, childbirths, etc.)
  18. Playwright
  19. Blogger (don’t tell me you don’t have a blog yet!)
  20. Creative Writing Consultant

(From Writing Forward)

Of course, when I look at this list, the easiest seems like ‘blogger’ mostly because I’m already doing that.  (Sporadically, but doing it!)

And the dream job is novelist.  I’ve mentioned it before but I have about 7 different story ideas floating around in my head, all kind of mixed and jumbled together at this point.  Sometimes I get characters and plot lines crossed, but for the most part they are seven very independent ideas that I would like to pursue.  Hopefully soon.

I really think all of these sound like wonderful options and are definitely things I could get into.  Currently I’m looking into editing work, I’ve been really big into editing other people’s work recently since I can’t seem to produce my own.  I’d love to have a chance to work for Penguin books or Simon and Schuster.

While I’m searching for the next step in my life, I’m going to keep writing as much as I can.  I have a wonderful friend that is an artist who offered to help me find my voice again.  I’m going to use his artwork to find inspiration and write as much as I can, when I can.

I’m also moonlighting (cheating should I say) on my other blog with a friend over at Pen Strokes & Paw Prints.  I’m doing everything to get that creativity flowing!

So, how about you… what do you do to get your creativity flowing?  And which of the writing jobs sounds like the most fun to you?  Let me know down below!

Why am I doing this?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot recently, and I finally decided to go back to square one and remind myself why I’m doing this.

  1. I love to write.

This blog started simply as a way for me to motivate myself to write as much as I can.  That motivator works for a little bit, but then it always tapers off.  Why?  Because I can never think about what I want to say.  I have all of these thoughts, all of these great ideas all rolled up in a giant, messy yarn ball in my head.  It tangled and knotted in places, but it’s my collection of thoughts.

I’ve talked and mentioned and discussed and gone through all of the paces before.  But I finally feel comfortable and like I’m in the place I need to be.  It’s to re-brand myself, get back to my roots and launch again.

I have a lot of people supporting me, now it’s time to reach my dreams.

In order to do so, I’ve decided that I’m going to get back to my creative writing roots.  Every now and then I think I’ll have some information or things I want to share, about living in Japan and things I’m interested in, but I think at the most basic point, I want this blog to be about creative writing.  That’s where I started, and I also would eventually like to turn this blog into a tool for those who are struggling with the same problems as me.

In conjunction with that, my actual creative writing blog, Scribblin’ About Life, will have more direction and be a place to collect my story ideas.

Now, let’s get started!


Your ignorance disgusts me

I was getting ready to head off to bed when I happened to glance something in my news feed.

And, almost instantly, I was shocked.

11226905_950428744992547_7520754879939577526_nWhat in the hell?

I mean, wait a second… back up, is this person serious?

The answer to that, is yes.

The ‘friend’ who posted it (I use friend loosely because we haven’t talked in forever and I keep them around for novelty, though I’m sure they’ll be gone soon enough) proceeded to go on about Christians and gay marriage.

I am so over that argument.  It’s time for Christians to pull up their God damn big boy and girl panties and get over it.

Stop looking at people based upon who they love, or what they choose to do in their free time.  I still fail to see how that is any of their business?  What does it matter to you what I do in the comfort of my home, or whom I choose to share some PDA with outside of the house?  I don’t see you shying away in disgust from the man cheating on his wife… and that is also considered a ‘sin.’  What is their personal vendetta against homosexuals?  Why do they think discrimination is ok?  Does it go against your beliefs? Sure.  Does someone else’s beliefs affect your own?  Only if you let it.  So how are still people getting away with discrimination?

Let’s hit the basics for a second.

Discrimination is defined as “treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.” 

So, this is pretty rampant every where.  Why is this ok?  It shouldn’t be.  What someone else does should never affect you.  I am on the receiving end of discrimination every day (I am a foreigner in another country).  But you know what, instead of discriminating them as well and feeding into the vicious cycle, I choose to move past it.  What they do doesn’t affect my daily life?  I’ve been yelled at, hissed at, thrown the most disgusting looks and been told in more than one language that I don’t belong.

Now let’s invert that.  Why should I affect them?  What is it about me?  My skin color?  The way I speak?  How can they judge my worthiness to be here based upon those categories?  The truth is, they can’t.  And that’s the reason I’m still here and not being sent back to my own country.  Because it is ILLEGAL.

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I’m moonlighting…


Well, I guess it’s not technically moonlighting, but I have been cheating on my own creative writing blog.

I started a new adventure with a friend over at Pen Strokes and Paw Prints.  I’m enjoying the adventure so far and hopefully doing this together will keep us both on track.

It’s about 3:30 in the morning over here.  Things have been up and down recently.  I had a wonderful vacation in the Kansai area and then I came home and hurt my back again.  Of course.  On the mend now so I hit up the beach this morning to get in some light exercise.  I took a stroll along the sand and sat on a bench with a book for a bit.

I’ve been getting a lot of good advice and support recently, so hopefully great things are down the road.