Fun Cereal Boxes

I was eating a box of Captain Crunch that my mom sent to me about a week ago and I got bored so I started looking at the box.  And I realized how boring it look.  So it got me thinking to the past and the kind of cereal boxes I remembered.  Which brought me to this:

Image from

Image from

Cocoa Puffs Factory!  I looked around for this for like… 2 hours until I found it!  I was starting to think that maybe I had imagined it when I was younger (I have always had an overactive imagination) but I finally found it.

This was my favorite thing in the past, and my grandparents always seemed to have the coolest cereals/cereal boxes.  I would spend hours sitting at the kitchen table playing with the cereal instead of eating it.  And as long as I was content, they didn’t seem to mind.

After even more digging I found a video showing how it worked!  I wish I could get my hands on another box… And you had better believe that even though I’m 26 years old I would still play with that box for a few hours.


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