A year full of good memories

Last year, in terms of the whole year, was pretty crappy.  I went through a lot of growing and changing and some pretty rough times.  But I continued to write down every good thing that happened and fold a crane for them.

Let’s take a stroll back to the past:


So, now I have the update.  I had wanted to do a big party (with myself) on January 1st and open and reminisce about the year.  But, I was in America and the cranes were back in Japan, so I didn’t get a chance to do that.

So, now that I’ve completed it:



I’m going to open one every time I have a bad day and remember the good things that happened.  Hopefully it inspires me to keep my head and keep doing what I need to do.

Total Count: 109

This year’s goal: 150


2 thoughts on “A year full of good memories

  1. lilbit says:

    Such a great idea!! I hope this year will be a great one for you and you’ll surpass the 150 goal! You are wonderful 🙂

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