Guilty Pleasures

Obviously I want to talk about musical guilty pleasures.  My whole world revolves around music… I went about 4 years where I couldn’t fall asleep at night without listening to the LOTR soundtrack.  I’m sure it drove my family crazy.

So, in celebration of the second wind I received this evening… I want to talk about some of my favorite songs that I’ll only jam to by myself.  (It is currently 3:15 a.m., in case you were wondering)

I know I talked about Willow Smith like a year ago.  I think she’s… ok.  I don’t really like much of her music, but this song… this is my jam.  ‘Keep my head up, I know I’ll be fine.’  Yes, Willow… Yes.

I don’t think this one is so bad… but I still feel strange.  Old Enrique Iglesias was very… I don’t know.  But I remember people being like… ‘You’re listening to that song?’

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this song.  It’s actually quite popular… but I hate country.  And I talk about how much I hate country all the time.  And here’s a country song that I listen to… obsessively.

But my #1 guilty pleasure is…

I hate every thing about Justin Beiber.  EVERY. THING.  But I love this song.  I can’t explain it… I just… do.  And I feel so dirty for liking it.


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