Getting back into the Pottery Groove!

This is my friend from college’s blog… He does some amazing work!! When I go home for Christmas I want to buy one of his amazing pieces… They are just so beautiful! Check him (and his amazing blog!) out!

Goldenrod Homestead

pottery ceramics clay platterWell, I wanted to share this with you guys today. It’s not much but it means a lot to me. This is the first piece I have made in a while that is truly my own style and that I was really excited to make! I love making and decorating plates/bowls like this one. This decorating style is something I came up with on my own, drawing together old fashioned English techniques and random things I’ve seen others do, then combining them in my own unique way. I will be doing more of these and I will definitely be sharing them!

If you like, click on the “Handmade Pottery” tab on our page to go to my Etsy site where I sell my pottery!



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