Looking toward the future

I still have my blog set on Michigan time.  It allows me some ‘wiggle’ room with posting daily.  I’ll eventually switch it over to the correct time zone for Japan, but for now it stays.

As such, though for many of you it’s evening, it is now the end of the morning for me.

I think I’m getting sick so I’ve done a lot of R & R this weekend.  I woke up around 10:30 on Sunday, stayed in bed and watched some TV.  Around 3 p.m. I was surfing Facebook when my eyes started to droop shut.  Instead of fighting the urge, I went ahead and closed my eyes, napping until just before 6 p.m.

Oh yeah, when I woke up Sunday morning, my lips were dry and the skin around my mouth was cracking.  I think it may have been the old chapstick I put on the night before… now the skin around my lips is still dry, but no longer cracked.  I had to throw some steroid cream on after I woke up… just opening my mouth was painful.  It still hurts a bit, but no where near as bad.

Fast forward to waking up just before 6 p.m., I forced myself to go out to 7-11 because they carry the best chapstick.  I went to the one closer to my house… no chapstick.  So I had to walk to the other side of Meinohama to get some.  Thankfully they had one left.  I think with the changing weather every one must be rushing out to get chapstick.  Dry lip epidemic coming on!

After that, I proceeded to do nothing until I made cookie dough.  I’ll post the recipe and some pictures later today… It’s ok, but I think in the future I’m going to tweak with the recipe a bit.  Obviously I’ll update it when I find the best combination.  With the recipe I used, and refrigerating the dough, the cookies are really flat.  Crispy and decent tasting, but not the best.  I have a standard to uphold here!

I went to bed extra late, as usual.  I took care of some business I had been putting off and did a bit of writing.  This morning I had my Japanese lesson.  We talked about the JLPT briefly, and she said I should be fine for N5 in December.  Her first words were: ‘You don’t need to study!’ So that makes me happy.  After my lesson I can tell I need to focus a lot more on building my vocabulary.  My listening skill is great but my output is still pretty dismal.  Hopefully by next July I’m well-prepared and ready for N4.

It’s October 20th, which means that we’re almost into November.  The end of the year is coming up so quickly… It almost feels like this whole last year has been a blur.  It’s been over a year since I left home and I’ll be heading back for 9 days at the end of December (see countdown to the right)!  But, before that, there are a few things to do here.  I’m planning a Thanksgiving dinner for some of my co-workers and I at the end of November.  I’m going to buy a turkey from Costco and follow in my Mom’s footsteps.  I keep thinking about it… all of the food I’m going to prepare.  It’s going to be a bit of a challenge because I only have one burner and a tiny oven, but I figure if I prepare some things the night before and possibly borrow Parker’s stove-top as well, I should be ok.

The other big thing between now and going home is my birthday.  I’ll be 26 this year and I really want to celebrate.  I didn’t get a chance to properly celebrate last year because I was sick and then had training, so this year I definitely want to do something special.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!  Time to tighten up some things on the blog, update some information and get even more involved in this blogging world.  ^^


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