Busy, but great day!


I think I’m becoming a beach bum.  I went to the beach again with my friends yesterday.  It was really nice to just sit and relax on the beach, listening to the waves roll in.  It was very inspiring.  This beach is pretty close to me and very beautiful, I think I’ll definitely be back in the future.

After my friends left, I forgot I had made plans with other friends to go to a festival.  I got a message at 5:02 p.m. asking where I was, and if I was hiding.  It was at this moment I realized we had made plans for the 14th, not the 15th.  Ooops.  So I had to throw my clothes back on (I had just changed into comfy clothes!) and head back out the door.

But was I glad I did.  Even though I was tired and sun burnt, we had a great time at the Hojoya Festival.


As you can see it was insanely crowded!  There were seriously so many people that I didn’t think we would be able to make it from one side of the festival to the other.  But we did and had a great time.  We ate yakitori, okonomiyaki, castella and taiyaki.  We went into two Haunted Houses (my friend kept trying to take pictures with the ghosts, so cute!) and I went fishing.  It was really difficult, but I caught one fish so I was happy.


You could fish for goldfish, turtles, koi, crab, eel (etc etc) many different things!  I really love Japanese festivals.  They’re really worth the experience and atmosphere.  ^^


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