My lips are sealed… sometimes | Daily Prompt

Locked and Sealed

Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

When I was younger, my siblings always used to tell me that I was a blabber mouth.  I couldn’t keep a secret to save my life.  Or so they thought.  I was pretty good at keeping secrets that threatened my status as a ‘good’ kid.

One time, my brother and I played ‘tic tac toe’ on the back wall of my closet with crayons.  We played several times in one day and then forgot about it.  No one discovered it for a long time.  I think maybe it was one of those ‘We’re cleaning your room from top to bottom!’ days that my mom found the evidence.  She initially thought that it was my brother and I, but then decided there was no way we could do something that bad, and blamed my sister.  My sister told her it wasn’t her but she didn’t believe her.  I’m pretty sure she asked us too, and I kept that secret locked up good and tight.  “It wasn’t me I swear!”

Good Kid Status: Saved

There was another time when I was a bit older that my sister (sorry Mary, you’re always around when the secrets need to be kept) and her friend were having a smoke in the basement (tsk tsk!).  And they took me down there with them so it wasn’t suspicious.  Then proceeded to threaten my life if I told anyone.  And I never did.

Life: Saved

However, if it’s a secret that I feel is going to affect someone’s life, I am more than happy/willing to tell it.  I’ve told many secrets in an attempt to get people help and try to set them on the right path.  I usually end up telling these to someone who can give me advice on how to help these people.  They may be angry at first, but in the long run they understand.  Along the way I may have even saved a life.

And then there are some secrets that I’ve never told to anyone.  Things that people have confided in me that aren’t meant to be shared.  Sometimes those are the darkest secrets, and they can be the hardest ones to keep.  But I know the person chose me for a reason, and I want to keep that trust going, so I will continue to keep my mouth shut.


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