A Bookworm Chef | Daily Prompt

Digging Up Your Digs

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?

So somebody stumbles upon the long abandoned ruins of my house, most likely covered in piles of garbage, right?  Just kidding, just kidding.  500 years from now, eh?

Let’s see, well first let’s assume I buy a house in the future, and that I settle down here in Japan.  What will they learn from that…

First, and most important, is that they were addicted to books.  Hard copies, not the digital copies.  They’re going to find hundreds of books scattered all around my house.  Mountains in the bedroom, some in the bathroom, and most importantly a whole living room that is centered around bookshelves.  Think Beauty and the Beast, floor to ceiling library style.  Well, what remains of that after 500 years.  The books will probably be in bad shape, unable to be read, but will show how much people in the 21st-century still enjoyed the real copies.

I’m really hesitant to make the jump to digital books, there’s something about it that feels like a betrayal.  I love books.  I love the smell of a new book.  I think I enjoy the smell of old books more.  I’m that girl in the used book stores that cracks open that ancient book and sticks her nose right in the spine.  It’s almost like I can smell where it’s been.  Ahhhh.  Talking about it is making me want to sniff some books, haha.

Other than that, there probably won’t be anything worth studying in my house.  They’ll find a lot of English things and probably a lot of anime/manga.  They’ll probably deduce pretty quickly that a huge nerd lived there, with her family (hopefully!).

Assuming we’re 500 years in the future, they’ll also probably be shocked at the primitive way we cooked.  I love to cook, even if it’s the simple things.  I’ve been making a lot of breakfast food and quesadilla’s lately.  Another interesting find will be the assortment of pots/pans and seasonings (if they survive!) scattered around in the kitchen area.  I’d like to think 500 years in the future food is being delivered digitally to the table (Hey, it could happen!)  so they won’t even know what a pot/pan is.  Hell, they probably wouldn’t even know how to wash dishes.  Must be nice.  Can we live 500 years in the future?


This was a pretty big breakfast for dinner meal (and so unhealthy… but so delicious!) — Ignore the feet. (>.<)


Other than that, I’m sure most things won’t survive, depending upon how the house is preserved.  A bookworm chef’s house.  Sounds about right.  If you walked into my apartment now, you’d think the same thing.  ^^




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