Greasers | Daily Prompt

A quickie today, vacation is over after tomorrow!

Daily Prompt – Off the Shelf

Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?


When I look at my bookcase, I get really depressed.  Here in Japan, I have maybe 10 books.  In America, I have boxes and tubs full of books.  I think at last count I was somewhere around 5 full size tubs and 5 big boxes full of books.  I think I got somewhere around 450 before I gave up counting each one.  😦

So, for this one, I’d like to imagine I’m digging through all of my books at home, getting ready to sort them by favorites to put them back on my shelves.  I’d probably spend a good day or so going through all of them, making different piles that correspond to how I feel about them.  I know the pile of ‘all-time favorites’ would probably be huge.  I love all books, and I can always find something good about a book, even if no one else can.

But while going through this box of books, I think the one I would re-read the quickest is the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  That book inspired me so much when I was younger.  The story of the Curtis brothers and their friends really moved me.  To this day it still tops my list of favorite books.  I first read it in 7th grade, and I think I finished it in a day.  It’s a quick read and very quickly paced.

This book was so inspiring I actually wrote my first fanfiction about it, hahaha.  I still think about the Outsiders all of the time.  I like to think that reading S.E. Hinton’s book and connecting to it is what made me want to become a writer.  Before that I had read books just to read them.  I was more interested in the number of books I read.  In second grade we had a reading contest (you know, those small kiddie books with maybe 12 pages).  And the previous record was like 80 books.  I read over 200 in the time we had.  It seemed like every week they were pushing me down the hallway in the principal’s chair for completing another chart.  There were footprints that represented the number of books you read… I think my sheets went all the way down to the floor.  I devoured books like they were candy.  And it wasn’t until I picked up the Outsiders that I really found joy in the story, rather than just wanting to add another to my collection.

And, as an added bonus, I have the actual first copy that I read.  My rabbit ate the back cover and I couldn’t return it back to my school library.  The librarian was really understanding but I still paid for another copy.  So, now when I look back at that book, not only am I reminded of where it’s taken me, but I’m also reminded of my best friend.  ^^


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