Avispa 福岡


Today I had the opportunity to watch an Avispa Fukuoka game at Level 5 Stadium.  It was amazing!

I’ve had a long couple of days, working and writing, working and writing.  So, I took the opportunity on Saturday to go out and have some drinks.  And then, naturally, karaoke followed.  So when I got home I went right to sleep.  And woke up the next day at Noon.

Then this afternoon Reshia came in from Yamaguchi to join me for the game.  We were late, (oops~~!) but it was wonderful.  But, we lost.  Today’s game was Avispa vs. Fagiano Okayama.  The first half wasn’t so great… Okayama was up 1-0.  But then in the second half it was 2-2 until the last 10 minutes.  Both teams were physically tired, but Fagiana managed to put another one into the net (it was a great shot).


The atmosphere in the stadium was great, everyone was energetic and you could tell the crowd was really invested in the team.  Even though they aren’t really all that good.  I knew going in to the game that Avispa wasn’t the best (they used to be J1 a few years ago, but now they’re J2) so I didn’t expect much from them.  And well, it wasn’t really disappointing, to be honest.  But it was a great experience.

Now, it’s time for an OITNB marathon with Reshia, and maybe some food… at some point.  Lazy Sundays are the best.


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