Kids say the darndest things

“I don’t want to camp outside…’ – Jaidan

“Why not?” – Me

“I don’t know!” *changes the subject* – Jaidan

I’m talking to my nephew right now.  We’ve been talking for about an hour now.  He’s stuck inside today because he has a slight fever and a head ache.  He claims he isn’t sick, but his mother knows better.  So she had him call me.


Alianna, Jaidan, my Aunt Jude and Me – From the Armada Fair last year.

Not gonna lie, I’ve only been listening to half of the things he’s said.  They went on vacation to Disney World about a month ago, and that’s all he’s been talking about since we got on the phone.  I can’t even get a word in.  I tried asking him a question and he totally ignored me, continuing to talk about Disney.

Sometimes he’ll get up and ask his Mommy a question, but then he comes right back to me.  Now we’re talking about which hotel he wants to stay in next time.  This kid is 6!

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you got to choose what hotel you wanted to be in and you got to choose front, middle or back and you got to choose how much money you wanted to pay?  I would say I wanted to be in ‘Contempewary’… you choose what floor you wanna be on… Ok, ‘Contempewary’ isn’t like other hotels… The other one has the front of the resort and three hotels that you have to walk to… Oh one time we were walking back to a place… we uhm… we saw… Me and Amari had to go to the bathroom really bad, so there’s a laundry place where you can wash your clothes, and there’s a girls and men’s bathroom, but you don’t have to go into the washer place, there was like this side part… Oh uhm, when we were at each place, after we use our fast pass we would be able to eat…”

Now you understand why I’m not listening.  I’m not even going to get the end of the bathroom story.  It’s cute that he keeps going with my ‘mmhmm’ and ‘yeahs.’

I really miss my kids though.  I always refer to them as my babies.  Even though none of them are really babies anymore… Amari is 10 (when did that happen?!), Jaidan is 6 and Alianna is 5.

Alianna, Amari and Jaidan in Disney World

Alianna, Amari and Jaidan in Disney World

I can’t wait to go home and see them for Christmas this year.  That’s their Christmas present this year, my presence.  I’m planning on spending every day with them, playing games and making up for the last year I’ve been away.  I get about a week with them, so I’m going to make the most of it.  We’re planning on playing games every day… I want to take them sledding, ice skating… a million things.  I’m so excited.  ^^  And of course I want to see my sister as well.  Only 5 months to go.


And, random self-plug for my Sentence a Day project on my blog:

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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