Just keep posting… Just keep posting…

I have a bunch of ideas swimming around in my noggin, but I don’t feel like I can do them any justice.  It’s like a jumbled mess of wires that I have to untangle before I can really get down to the nitty gritty.

When I re-started my blogging process in the beginning of July, I made myself promise to write at least one longer-ish and meaningful post a week.  Just once a week, and the rest could be fillers, daily prompts, etc etc.

But I can’t seem to make the words come out.  The list of things I want to write about continues to grow:

  • Student Loan Debt
  • Favorite Movies/TV shows/Video Game (reaction/reviews)
  • Illiteracy (Something near and dear to my heart)
  • Happiness
  • A New Series of Blogs (This is a secret until I really get all of the details worked out) =]

There’s plenty more, but those are the main ones.  I’ve also had a million different creative writing ideas as well… but those words won’t seem to come either.  I’m planning two posts over there today: the next in ‘Sentence-A-Day’ (check it out if you haven’t! – http://strokeofthepen.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/july/) and something new.

I want to do a post about the first-half of the year, all of the ups and downs and how I feel now.

If I can’t sleep, maybe that’s what I’ll do.  I checked the DP today and it didn’t really interest me much, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that.

Just another entry to collect my thoughts I guess… who knows what the rest of the night will bring.  Sleep hasn’t exactly been my friend recently and my back has really been acting up.  Oooh, I could write about that.  Maybe tomorrow.  ^^


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