4th of July

Anyone who knows me knows that the 4th is my all-time favorite holiday.  I have always enjoyed the family get-together, the constant BBQ-ing, my Dad’s ribs (the best!) and of course, fireworks!


So, today I want to share a story that my entire family will never let me forget.

When I was just a wee thing (I have no idea exact age, maybe 5) my parents let us run around the yard like maniacs with sparklers.  We would do dozens of them all day, spelling our names out in the air, dancing and trying to set each other on fire.

And buckets.

We always did our own fireworks show at home (the 4th is also my dad’s favorite holiday) and kept a bucket near the street to put ‘dead’ fireworks in.  My dad would light off a few fireworks, then put them in the bucket.  The kids would do a few sparklers (mostly to keep us from trying  to ‘help’ him lighting the big ones) and then my dad would light a few more.

Everyone was happy.  Until I dropped a still lit sparkler into the bucket.  And the bucket exploded.  I have no memories of this event occurring, but I have been told that I was ok since it took about 10 seconds for something in the bucket to catch on fire and blow up.  I’m sure I was already happily lighting my next firework and getting ready to dance around the yard some more.

Ever since this moment though, I have always been terrified of the bucket of dead fireworks.  I’ve never really understood why, but I always have this gut reaction when I get near it, something that tells me ‘Get Away!’

They still enjoy telling this story to this day, especially to my sister’s three kids.

So on this wonderful holiday, as we celebrate our Nation’s independence, almost please remember to be careful.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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