Jumping on the cupcake bandwagon…

I stumbled upon this interesting article a couple days ago, and it’s been rolling around in my mind ever since.


To make it short and sweet, this girl was bullied at her high school.  To get back at these kids, she baked them cupcakes as a ‘peace offering.’

These were anything but ordinary cupcakes though.  She claimed to have baked them with ‘semen, fecal matter and pubic hair.’  Yum.

Most of the kids who ate the cupcakes didn’t make it past one bite, though one did manage to finish the whole thing.  They missed school the next day with cramps and vomit after learning what the cupcakes contained.  Naturally, the police were called, but the offending cakes had already been destroyed.

After the police started to investigate, a few other students who helped bake the cupcakes said the bad taste was achieved by mixing barbecue sauce, mayonnaise and soy sauce.

What really gets me thinking is what brought the teen to this point?  Were they really bullied to the point of breaking down and wanting to hurt the people who were hurting them, or was it a harmless prank?  If this teen was seriously bullied by these students, would those students have accepted cupcakes as a peace offering?  That just seems highly unlikely to me.

Semen, feces and pubic hair?  Talk about a delicious combo.  You’d have to be seriously crazy to actually want to put those in a cupcake for another person to eat, even if it were just a ‘prank.’  The fecal matter alone could make someone seriously sick, if not incapacitated.

I highly doubt the cupcakes were baked with those ingredients.  When I think of moist, delicious cake mix and how it cooks, I don’t think with those additives the end result would even remotely look like an edible cupcake.  However, if you were to dump a bottle of mayonnaise and barbecue sauce into the mix, well, you might be in luck.

Should legal charges be pressed against the student?  Absolutely not.  It, while on the surface was a prank, is also much deeper, a cry for help.  What brought the student to this point?  Where are their parents?  Is this an isolated incident, or has something like this happened before?  And why?  Is there an actual bullying problem at the school?

There are many more important questions that need to be asked and addressed before we decide if the student should be charged with a crime.  It’s all about getting to the root of the problem and then working toward a solution, not forever marking up a teens record for one mistake made in their youth.



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