Acceptance | Daily Prompt

“I don’t think I could’ve come this far on my journey, or done as much as I have, if it weren’t for all of these people.  For that, all of you have my eternal gratitude.”

I can feel the tears as they drip swiftly from my eyes.  I make no move to slow them, or even to erase the tracks from my cheeks.  Instead, I bask in the moment, letting the applause and warmth wash over me.

“There’s one-” The music begins to play.  The ‘hurry-up, you’re taking too long music.’

“Yeah, yeah… I hear your music, but there’s just one more person I want to thank, and then I promise you, I’m finished.”

I take a deep breath, stifle the rest of my tears, and look out into the crowd, wishing she was there.

We’ve been friends for ages, and will probably be friends until we die.

“My family has helped me on this journey, my editors have guided me and my friends have been very understanding and supportive.  However, there’s one friend, that I’ve known for ages, that has always been there for me.  And I wanted to take this moment to let her know, that without her support, I wouldn’t be here.  From day one, she has always been different from the others, special even.  She guided me when I was lost, helped me when I was afraid and encouraged me when I felt defeated.  Words will never do her justice, you just need to be in her presence to understand.  This one’s for you Reshia, thanks for the constant friendship these past 15 years.”

I raise my award above my head and feel the tears begin to flow once more.  I’ve known since I was 25 that if I ever won this award, she would be the last person I mentioned in my speech.  She’s been my best friend for so long, it would be a crime not to save her for last.  You know what they say, last, but definitely, not least.

The music begins to play again and I’m ushered quickly off the stage to make room for the next person.  As soon as I’m behind the curtain, I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and gently drift into the wall, shock finally rushing through my system.  I look down at the crystal award clutched tightly in my right fist and take in the moment.

“-lak… Ms. Pavlak!”  My head whips up as I hear my name.  I don’t think I’m standing where I’m not supposed to be… There are different people running around here and there, celebrating, talking and laughing, so I know it’s ok to be here.  What do they want?  I grumble and lift my head, only to be greeted with the smile I know all too well.  I almost let go of the award I worked so hard to earn in my surprise.


Today’s Daily Prompt: Last but Not Least


When I sat down and began to think about who I would thank in an awards speech, obviously family was the first thought on my mind.  They’ve always been there for me, super supportive throughout my life.  They would be the first people on my mind.  Last, though… who do you thank last?  It’s something you never really think of, but after a few seconds, it hit me.  Obviously I’d have to mention the person who has been my greatest inspiration, influence, etc etc.  I wanted to BE her for years.  Hell, she’s listed on my Facebook as my inspirational person.

She’s been a constant in my life, kind of like a math problem.  The constant that’s always there, no matter how hard you try to factor it away.  Not saying that I tried to factor her away or stuff her away, but when we both got busy, we talked only every once in a while.  But even then, when we did talk, it was like nothing changed.  She inspired me to keep writing in college, she helped me figure out the path to take in my life, she’s listened to all of my problems and issues without complaint and without judgement.  Like I said in my hypothetical speech, words just don’t do her justice.  You need to be in her presence to really understand.

Ever since my first time in Japan, she’s been more than just a friend, but really an older sister.  She still continues to guide me, (constantly!) and for that I will always be forever grateful.  So today, this one’s for you Re.  ^^  I know I don’t say it nearly often enough, but thanks for everything.  You do so much for me without complaint and I always feel as if I can never do enough in return.  You know me, I show my appreciation best in writing.  So I thought what better way, than this.


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