What’s Your Reason?

I’ve always firmly believed in this idea.  Everything that happens, really happens for a reason.

We meet the people that we do, for a reason.  People come into your life at a certain point because they are meant to be there.  And people leave when their chapter in your book is finished.  Some people stay for more than one chapter, and some don’t even last a paragraph.  And a few, maybe, might end up sticking around throughout almost the whole thing.

While I can never be certain how long people are going to stay around for, I will always believe that we meet the people we do for a reason.

I had a pretty good conversation about it the other day, and it was the first time I met somebody who I felt truly understood this idea.  Sure, people have agreed with me, have said that they understand, but I’ve never had a person explain it to me first, like they were inside MY head.  Like they knew exactly what I was thinking.  Word for word, it was eerily accurate.  And it got me thinking, a lot.

I like to believe that when we die, we’re reborn.  We get to do it all over again.  Sometimes we might do things the same way, sometimes our life might be totally different.  That’s the beautiful thing about, even though we’re reborn, we don’t rely on those previous memories to guide us through life.  Sometimes, we might be closer to those memories than we were in the past, but they never directly influence our choices.

Which brings me to another thing we discussed… sometimes you’re inexplicably drawn to people for no reason.  You can’t help but be drawn to these people… Maybe they were a lover in your past life, or your family.  I’ve met a few people who I’m certain that I’ve known before, that we were destined to meet again, that it was fate that brought us together once more.

I’ve been restless, uneasy.  I left America for many reasons, but while the main one was to get away from all of the issues, the secondary reason was that it just didn’t feel like home.  I don’t know if I’ve found a home here in Japan, but I’m looking.  I’m restless, I want to travel.  I want to find what I’m looking for.  This is going to be the first step on a much larger journey, of not only finding myself physically, but spiritually as well.  And I really think the things I’ve done in my past life is guiding me along right now…

Everything happens for a reason.  People walk out of your life because it’s time.  I’m not going to be bitter or upset about it.  I’m going to take everything as it comes and realize that there is a bigger picture.  I’m not angry and I’m no longer upset about it.  Being abroad, being on my own, has really caused a shift in the way I think and view things.  I’m a totally different person than I was when I left in October.  Things that I thought were important back then are no longer important… People I thought were everything mean nothing to me now… Possessions I thought I couldn’t live without are now just meaningless tools.  I’ve aged more in the last 5 months than I think I did in the first 24 years of my life.

Is that how it happens for everyone?  You wake up one day and realize that everything is different?  Are there some people that never wake up?  I really think there are… That’s just too bad for them.

I’m happy now.  I’ve been upset for a long time, but like I said in my last post, I’ve finally achieved catharsis.  I’ve written things out and now I’m letting them go.  Everything leading up to this point happened for a reason, and everything from this point on will happen for a reason.

What that reason is, I’ll probably never any idea.  But I’ll willingly accept whatever happens as it comes with a smile on my face and with open arms.  I’m ready for the next chapter of my life.

I can’t wait to see where it leads me and who I meet along the way.  I’ve already met some amazing people on this journey, so here’s hoping I meet plenty more.  And I hope you each stick around for longer than a paragraph.

My discussion with a friend from the other day led me to write this… and to write this: http://strokeofthepen.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/fate-part-1/


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