It’s March already?

So much for that every day thing, hahaha.

At least I can laugh at myself.  I’ve been battling sickness and depression since the beginning of the New Year.  I’m also still fully submerged in this nasty writer’s block.

I’ve tried almost everything thinkable to try and combat the issue, so now, I’m taking a new stance.

I was in the bathroom (I swear that’s where I do my best thinking) and I realized talking about having writer’s block isn’t doing me any good.  Because all I end up doing is whining and complaining, but not really doing anything.

So, I decided instead of writing about having writer’s block, I’m going to write, EVERY DAY, (remember this two nights from now Megan when you’re tired and want to go to bed) whatever comes to mind.  It’s an exercise in writing.  I want no clear direction, no limit on word amount, nothing.  I’m just going to sit, for at least 5 minutes and let whatever comes into my head, come out.

So, I’ll be pretty quiet over here on Word Disorder while I’m doing this and be pretty vocal on Scribblin’ About Life.  Maybe if something really good comes of it, I’ll link it over here.  Maybe.

So, with that, I begin on March 2.  Time to suit up and head out to battle.  And I won’t come home until I’m victorious!

Oh, and also…


This is not how I imagined reaching 100, but I did it none-the-less!  Hopefully 200 will be much more meaningful…


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