Wascally Wabbits

I call this his 'sexy pose'

I call this his ‘sexy pose’

If you remember a few days ago I said I love rabbits.  Actually, I think I phrased it ‘I’m unhealthily addicted to rabbits.’  And there really isn’t a better statement to describe me.  I just can’t get enough of ’em!

I was never into rabbits when I was younger; it was always about mice.  I love everything about mice.  I had the ‘If you give a mouse a cookie’ book, mice puppets and at one time I even had three mice of my own.  I still love mice a lot, but the day I got Cookies and Cream… well, the rest is history.

So here’s how it happened…

I was your typical 12-year-old, I couldn’t keep my room clean and all I wanted to do was own every fluffy, cuddly, sickeningly cute animal on the planet.  So my parents thought it would be a good idea to bribe me.  If I could keep my room clean for 3 months then they would get me a rabbit.  I don’t know why they said rabbit, but I was instantly on board.

And I did it.  I guess a good way to motivate someone obsessed with furry things is to dangle them in front of their face.  We had dogs, and I loved my dogs, seen here:

But I wanted something of my own.  So they offered me a rabbit and I happily agreed.

This is where it gets good.  They took me to a pet store after I achieved 3 months of cleanliness and told me we were going to start looking around for a rabbit.  And naturally I found THE ONE at the first pet store.  It was love at first sight.  I had to have him.  I put my foot down and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The cage said ‘sold.’  They told me they were sorry, somebody had come in earlier that day and bought both of the rabbits in the cage.  I cried.  Cried in the middle of the pet store because it had to be that one.  That rabbit.  I would have no other.  I turned to leave, more upset than I’m sure I had ever been in my few years on the planet, when my Dad stopped me, laughing.  Laughing.  L.a.u.g.h.i.n.g.

Because my parents had already bought the rabbits earlier that day and wanted to play a cruel trick on me by having me fall in love with a rabbit, tell me it couldn’t be mine and then 2 minutes later tell me that it really was mine.  I make it sound like I was really angry, but I actually cried again, but this time out of happiness.  And I wasn’t getting one rabbit, but two.  They didn’t want to separate them so we took them both home.  One was to be mine (the white one I had chosen) and the other was my moms.  But, of course, I was supposed to take care of both.

So, we got them home and I named them.  One was white, with red eyes and brown on his nose, tail, ears and paws.  The other was a kind of marbled black and white.  I took one look at them, named the black one ‘Cookies’ and the white one ‘Cream.’

This is the only photo I could ever find of Cookies

This is the only photo I could ever find of Cookies

Cookies didn’t live more than a year.  I never understood what happened… We think Cookies may have had a heart attack, but we’re not sure.  He wasn’t nearly as sassy as Cream and was definitely the more chill out of the two.  If you looked at Cream at the wrong time of the day he would cop and attitude, flick his wood chips at you and refuse to come out.  Cookies was always ready to hang out and do anything.

Cream, however, was the one I really bonded with.  Not only because I had him longer, but because he was the one that I chose.  It sealed our fate for the next 10 years.  He was my best friend… The only living thing I could talk to through all of the difficult things I had to face in high school… He was my constant support and not once did he judge me.  I would come home, throw my bags on the floor, open his cage door and stick my face right in.  He would take one look, hop over and lick my face for a minute and then sit back and just listen.  It was some of the best therapy I had in my entire life.

Which is one of the reasons I miss him so much, even now.  He was the only constant thing I had in my life for a very long time.  He was the perfect embodiment of me in a small, fluffy, attitude-filled body.  He was so chill once you got to know him and he hated men (except for my Dad, probably because he always picked him dandelions and strawberries).  I could talk about Cream for days, and sometimes I find that I do ramble off on these tangents about him.

The bottom line is that I miss him, and he is really where my love for bunnies stemmed.  He was perfect, everything I could have wanted in my first serious pet that I had to care for.  I wish he were still, sitting in the corner of his cage, waiting to come over and greet me every time I stuck my face in his cage.  One day I’ll probably write about the day he passed away, but not today.  The wounds are still pretty fresh, even though it has been two years.

Because of Cream I’ve become a bunny enthusiast.  I can’t resist bunnies in any color, shape, size, form, etc.  So, obviously, I made a Pinterest board dedicated to rabbits.

You can check it out here:

So many cute bunnies… It’s like a cute bunnplosion.  Yeah, I just made that up.

If you need some cheering up, take a peek.  There’s a bunny for everyone.  ^^


2 thoughts on “Wascally Wabbits

  1. Such a sweet story. So sorry you lost your beautiful bunny I know how hard losing an animal can be as they are part of your family too. Do you think you would get another rabbit?

    • blinksan says:

      Eventually I’ll get another one, but probably not any time soon. I adopted a rabbit from a family the February after he passed and it was a really dumb decision. But I felt bad because the family clearly couldn’t care for her anymore. She didn’t get the love or attention she deserved so when I left for Japan I gave her to a really good home with someone who would give her everything she deserved.

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