Vibrance | Daily Prompt

As the sun lazily dips below the horizon I can feel the last of its warmth  slipping out of my skin.  And with that heat it takes the insanity that has stolen my body and returns the few remaining shreds of humanity I have left.  Crimson drops begin to pour steadily from the sky, soaking my body from head to toe in an instant.  A loud rumble tears through the air and a streak of lightning illuminates the still smoldering forest around me.  Charred and twisted limbs of branches lay scattered around my feet, the ground blackened and the air heavy with the stench of blood.

The damage doesn’t shock me, though for a moment I am paralyzed with a sudden realization: the rumble wasn’t thunder, but rather my own, anguished cry.  I stare at the torn pads of my fingers, the shock of white through so much red propelling my feet into motion.  My destination is uncertain, but I know in this moment that I can’t stay here.  They know where I am… and I know, without a doubt, that they are hunting me.

I don’t stop… I can’t stop… I won’t stop.  I know there is someone I am supposed to be looking for, but his face is only a blur in my sluggish mind.  The wheels in my consciousness move too slow or maybe too fast, but every disjointed thought makes no sense to me.  I catch a glimpse of white and gold, buttons of a jacket.  I see the bright blue eyes of a young girl, an orange lily twisted in her dark hair.  Black shoes… pale skin… long, polished nails… Every image flashes quicker than the last, until they all begin to blend together into a swirling mess of colors and shapes.

I want nothing more than to stop moving, to rest my already battle-worn and weary body, but I know if I stop they will find me.  My whole body aches, from the callouses on my bare feet  to the very nerves firing in my mind.  I can’t seem to turn the churning images off, so I settle instead into a comfortable numbness as I walk.  I let the images continue their dizzying dance and focus instead on each shallow breathe I draw.

I almost achieve a state of disembodiment when my mind comes crashing to a halt.  One yellow ribbon tied to a long, wooden bow.  His face swims to the surface, his lips moving slowly in muddled speech.

… hope… there is always… hope…”  I watch as his nimble fingers tie the ribbon to the bow.

My bow.

And suddenly, as if the world has started to turn once more, I can feel the it’s weight pressing against my back.  Every wound cries out at the same time and I find myself rushing to meet the ground.  My body collapses into a heap as the reality of the last 24 hours rushes back to me.  Every fragmented thought is painfully clear now.  I let my head rest against the soft, green grass and inhale the earthy scent.

“Julian.”  His name is like a drug.  A powerful drug.  One that I am certain will break me when this is all over.  Even so, I will continue my search for him, even if it leads to my own destruction.

“Wait for me… I’m coming for  you… Please, just wait a little longer…”  I whisper up to the midnight blue sky.  Tears begin to fall without ceremony from my eyes, not out of fear, but out of sorrow.

I remember now that there is no one left to hunt for me.  Because I’ve murdered them all.

When I finally find the strength to get to my feet once more the sky has taken on a more indigo tone.  I can feel the tendrils of the beast pawing quietly in the back of my mind.  But I know, if I give in one more time, and let the insanity take hold, the last bits of Nami that I have managed to save will disappear forever.

His voice continues to ring in my head, helping to keep the beast at bay.

… hope… hope… hope… there is always… hope… hope…

I grab my bow from the ground and hold it up into the lightening sky.  Tied to the very bottom, singed and frayed, is the yellow ribbon.  I touch it with shaking fingers… hesitant to ruin the only piece of him I have left.  But the urge to be near him quickly takes over and I enclose the entire ribbon in my fist.  If I believe hard enough, I can feel his fingers dance across my skin one more time.  His touch, light, but insistent, tracing the violet bruises that have begun to bloom all over my body.  Every imperfection, each flaw, a symbol of perfection in his eyes.

I will find him.  And I know, without a doubt, that I will save him.

But most likely, in the end, it will be he who saves me.


Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COLORS.


Writing this one I knew I wanted to take a creative spin on it, but it took a while to find the right inspiration.  After clicking through my recently played songs on iTunes I finally settled on SafetySuit.

Here’s my favorite:


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