I hate this song.  But it’s stuck in my head.  And has been for several days.

I normally show up to trending things WAY after they first hit, and that’s fine with me.  There are plenty of things online (*ahem* Two girls one cup *coughcough*) that I will never ever watch.  And that’s ok with me.  I avoided ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ for a really long time, but Parker played it one day in my apartment and I couldn’t escape.  And now I can’t stop listening to it.

So in celebration of YouTube videos, I want to share some of my favorite YouTube artists!  Definitely check them out if you get a chance…


This is my favorite video by her… Watch it.  She is hilarious.  She talks about a lot of different things on her two channels, and she’s very inspiring.  Her ‘hartbeat’ channel is full of hilarious videos/skits while her other channel ‘quierd’ is more of her personal vlogs.  Definitely check out both of them.

Also, definitely watch this one.  I’m not going to say anything about this one either.  Just. Watch. It.


“Do I look like Mother Duck to you?”

Seriously, watch the video.  Mature content warning though, he uses a lot of strong language.  It’s hilarious though.  Tre Melvin uses his channel to present… you guessed it, a lot of social commentary.  He also presents some very interesting videos on some very real issues, so give his channel a perusal.  He’s also started a scholarship fund for students which is amazing.

I once spent a whole day going through his videos after a friend posted a link on Facebook.  It was worth the couple hours I wasted.

I like this one too.  Haha.  Especially because if you remember, over the summer, how much I love Miley Cyrus, so this is perfect.  Check it out.

Epic Rap Battles of History

“Rap so hard call me Al… dente”

Have you heard of these?  ERB?  No.  How?  How is that even possible?  ERB is amazing.  They take suggestions from viewers and do different rap battles.  They’ve done ‘Gandalf vs. Dumbledore’ ‘Adam vs. Eve’ ‘Skrillex vs. Mozart’ ‘Bach vs. Bieber’ and also ‘Darth Vader vs. Hitler’ which is the battle they’re most famous for.  Seriously, when I’m feeling down or need a little cheering up, they are my first stop.  Here’s another of my favorite’s:

They also have a second channel, ERB2 that is dedicated to the Behind the Scenes look at the videos.  They literally create everything themselves.  It’s pretty cool to watch.


I have to mention Steve Kardynal.  He’s originally from the Metro Detroit area and recently he moved to California.  His Chatroulette videos have become pretty popular.  He also did Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ on Chatroulette and it was so popular it put her song back on the charts.

He also does ‘Songs in Real Life’ which are my favorite by him.  Just watch it, it’s hard to describe.  It’s good.

Haha.  I’m watching it now.  Still makes me laugh.  ^^


BAMF Girls Club.  Katniss, Hermione, Buffy, Michonne, Lisbeth and… Bella.  Swan.  Bella Swan.  HAHAHA.

Seriously, it’s a bunch of girls doing great comedy.  I haven’t ventured to any of the other videos, but the BAMF Girls Club videos are great.  It’s worth a watch, so check them out.  Girls can be funny too!!  ^^

I hope you get a chance to check at least one of these YouTube channels out!  They’re all definitely worth watching!


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