Strength | Daily Prompt

I have one tattoo.  I’ve wanted more for a really long time, but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

The one tattoo I have is on the outside of my right ankle.  It is the symbol of my favorite band, ‘Trapt‘ with the Japanese kanji for strength inside of it.  The Trapt symbol has faded red in it.  For my first tattoo, I really love it.

Now for the story behind it.

I love Trapt.  I always have, I probably always will.  Through all of the member changes and whiny lead singer issues, I will always love this band.  And I continue to support the other members in their new endeavors.

Trapt helped me through a lot.  The music, the lyrics… everything.  I listened to their second album, ‘Someone in Control,’ everyday for about two years.  The songs ‘Lost Realist’ and ‘Stand Up’ hold a special place in my heart.  I can recite them word for word without the music.

I went through a lot of problems and issues in high school, and I used music as my escape.  It was a way to stay grounded, to shut out all of the noise of the surrounding world; all of the arguments, criticism, etc.  In this way, Trapt gave me strength.  Which is why I chose to put that tattoo on my body.

It is a reminder, every day, of where I’ve been, and where I am now.  The things I’ve had to deal with and eventually overcome.  It gives me the strength I need to keep moving forward, to continue putting one foot in front of the other in pursuit of my dreams.  I will always ‘Stand Up’ and take control of my life.  Every. Single. Day.

Daily Prompt:  Tattoo… You? 

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?


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