Wow, lots going on…

I just looked at the countdown for my party and there is only 25 days left.  I’m no-where near ready, hahaha!

There’s still so much I have to do before I leave too… Buy a plane ticket, sell my car, see the family…

Ahhh!  So much to do!  And I’m spending my evening watching Dance Moms.  Oh well, after a long hard day, I deserve some down-time.   Someone keyed my car at work today, I’m still really mad about that.  Ahhh, just a long day.

Dance Moms is definitely a guilty pleasure.  I love Abby.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  I know a lot of this is probably scripted, but she’s honest, hilarious and likes to win, which is excellent in my book, haha.  The dynamic between the moms is crazy though.  If/when I have kids, I will strive to NEVER be like them.  I mean I understand everyone wants their kid to be the best, but the lengths and the hurtful things these moms go to is crazy.  Again, how much is scripted though?

I should probably be doing something productive, but… ehhh, there’s always tomorrow.


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