Swapped | Daily Prompt

A slight breeze ruffles the blinds lying against my window… and with a sigh I open one sleep-crusted eye and see the faint trickle of light.  It plays gently across my face for a few seconds before returning back to its rightful place behind the blinds.

With minimal effort I flip over and face the wall, throwing the blanket up over my head for good measure.  I can just feel the pleasant tendrils of sleep taking me back to dream-land, and oh yes, I was having an excellent dream, when a scream filters through the open window.

“Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!”  And with one word, I’m propelled up, out of the bed and to the door, one hand clutching my robe shut and the other rubbing the sleep from my eyes.  It takes a mere 15 seconds, I timed it once, to get to the front door and stick my head out.

“What are you doing outside?”  I yell.  Though I don’t see any of my children in the front yard.  I know they’re out there.  I can feel it in a way that is difficult to explain.  And right on cue, all three of my rule-breaking brats skid to halt in front of me, the oldest panting for breath.

“We just thought that…” I don’t let them finish.

“You just thought that what?  That because Mommy was still asleep you could take some liberties and go outside without my permission?  Oh, really, that’s not what you thought?  Because that’s exactly what you did!  I bet you didn’t even eat breakfast, did you?”  I can feel my blood pressure rising, and I’m sure the vein in my forehead is pounding against my skin, trying in vain to escape its flesh cage.

“But… we did!”  The middle child speaks up, pointing to the dining room.  I close my eyes, count to three, and begin the achingly slow turn of my head, almost crypt keeper slow, to see the disaster that awaits me in the dining room.  If my blood pressure was rising before, it has now reached its boiling point.

“Inside. NOW.” All of my other words fail me, I can’t even form a coherent thought.  The three of them march inside, looking defeated when my youngest pops her head up and begins to speak when I cut her off.

“Go to your room! Now, I don’t want to hear it!  Just go!”  I know I could probably explain why I’m so upset and take a more pro-active approach, but when you’ve been doing this on  your own, and they just don’t want to listen, sometimes you just have to get them out of sight before you really lose your temper.  I close the front door with a snap and survey the mess.

Somebody, I’m assuming my youngest, has flipped their bowl over on the table.  Milk and Cheerios litter the edge of the table and the floor.  My middle child, always the odd one out, has chosen Mini Wheats instead of Cheerios, and decided he wanted to pour his own bowl.  I know this, without having seen it, because I have literally experienced this exact situation every Saturday for the last year.  His first attempt scattered cereal over the table-top… the second was a bit better… and then finally with help from my oldest, he managed to get them in the bowl.  He, thankfully, manages to keep his bowl right-side up.  I feel the vein on my forehead screaming at me in protest, as I head into the kitchen to get a sponge.

In the bottom of the sink lies the only good part of this morning fiasco.  My oldest finished his bowl, took it to the sink, and even managed to rinse it out.  A flicker of my anger dissipates slowly, and a smile creeps up onto my face.  For everything he manages to mess up, there are still things he does correctly that are a shining spot in these stressful and long days.  I pause for a moment, thinking to myself that eventually all three with act in this fashion.  Well, hopefully.

I head back to the table, sponge gripped tightly in my hand, ready to tackle the mess.  I bend over, swipe some Mini Wheats into my hand, when my youngest comes running out.

“Mom!!!”  I sigh.  Literally, out loud, no restraint.

“Yes?” It’s all I can manage at this moment.  I straighten up and look down at her, fighting the urge to tap my foot at her when she hesitates.  I’m sure the look on my face is scaring her into submission.

“Uhm, I… I’m hungry!”  She pronounces, her eyes flashing quickly to her overturned bowl.  I close my eyes, and let my anger wash over me for a second.  I know it’s her fault, because she was obviously playing with her food.  We’ve had this discussion several times now, and she just keeps tuning me out.  I know they are going to try my patience again today, just like every other day.  I live in this moment for a second, a moment full of anger, frustration and whole hell of a lot of words I want to yell, but hold back.  With a slow exhale, I open my eyes and look down at her.

She is looking at me so expectantly with a smile, that I crack.

“Here, take this…” I reach to the shelf behind me and grab a granola bar.  I pause for a moment, thinking about the other two.  I grab three granola bars out of the box and turn back to her.

“One for you, and one for each of your brothers,” There is still a hint of anger in my voice, but I can feel it receding rapidly.  “Make sure you share.”

She snatches the bars out of my hand, and scurries off down the hallway like a mouse.  I hear her skid to a halt in the room and tell her siblings that Mommy is giving them a snack.  I feel a smile break out across my face, and put a steadying hand on the table.  For how irritating they can be, at the end of the day, I have nothing but love for them.

And in this moment, I finally understand the gravity of the predicament my sister is in.  With a grumble, I manage to locate her cell phone in her pants pocket, pull it out, and dial my own number.

She picks up on the second ring.

“OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL?!”  She screams in my ear.  I can do nothing but laugh as she continues to freak out over the phone.  When she finally calms down, I explain as best I can and after a few minutes, it finally sinks in.

“Wow… I, just, wow…” She says slowly.

“Try waking up to your kids,” I grumble to her, letting out a long sigh to accentuate my point.

“I do it everyday, welcome to my world.”

Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.


I went a different route for this one, I wanted to try it from a ‘Creative’ perspective.  I’m actually happy with the way it came out.  🙂  Obviously I switched with my sister, haha.  I don’t think I could do it!

Oh, and even though this is posting on ‘8/17’ I’m counting it as ‘8/16’ because in my half-asleep state I actually tried to make this a new page, instead of a new post.  Whoooops!!


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