I can’t get this song out of my head.  It may not help that I keep clicking ‘replay’ on YouTube, but oh well.  If you haven’t heard it on the radio, or you haven’t seen the video you should definitely give it a peek.  The video is about an underground stuffed animal fighting ring… very interesting concept!

This song inspires me, like so many others do, haha.  Ever since I heard it on the radio I’ve been meaning to find it on YouTube and give it a good listen.  And now that I have I can really feel it.  I really like the beat, even without the words I could listen to this song.  And the lyrics, actually, aren’t half bad either.  I might have to write something in the next couple of days with this song on.

Speaking of inspiration, I wrote War the other night with Adam Lambert’s ‘Underneath’ on repeat.  It’s not necessarily the lyrics, or what they mean, that I draw inspiration from.  It might be just a single phrase, or maybe even a word.  But usually, I’d say 9 times out of 10, it’s the way the beat of the song makes me feel.  If I can really feel it, almost like it resonates in my soul, it’s almost impossible to keep the inspiration from  hitting.  Having writer’s block, though, has made it hard to actually put this inspiration into words.

This is another of those songs, that the beat really speaks to me.  I actually got into a discussion with a co-worker the other day about Evanescence’s music.  While, I have noticed, some of her lyrics can be really misinterpreted as very depressing, the music is actually exceptional.  Just because someone posts a song, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a tell-all about their lives, and that they’re super depressed.  They actually may just like the song.  We even discussed instrumental versions of their music, and I would actually pay for an album.  I’ve always really liked Evanescence, and I do believe some of my earlier work came while listening to their earlier stuff.

Speaking of, when I write, there always has to be a song on.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific song (though it usually is).  I cannot write in silence.  It drives me crazy.  There has to be noise and I usually prefer it so loud it drowns out the rest of the background noise.  I like the music so loud (and i know this is bad) that you have to tap me on the shoulder to tell me to turn my headphones down because you can hear them in the next room (this has actually happened).   I know it’s bad, but when I get like that, it’s when I know I’m truly in my creative space and in the zone to write something good.


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