War | Daily Prompt

All she wanted was another moment, just a second to explain everything she’d been meaning to say for years.  But she’ll never get the chance, not now that it’s gone.  Crystal clear saline trickles slowly down her cheek as the numbness sets into her bones.  Darkness slips silently over her, suffocating her senses.  Every breath she draws echoes in the bare room.

‘Freak,’ resonates in her mind, dreadful words thrown at her back.  Giving in would be too easy, too simple.  Hiding has become the only solution; every day she sits and waits, rocking back and forth in time with her beaten heart.  Inside she knows there is nothing left, her passion, her desire, her drive… everything has run dry.  Just the slow tick tock of the grandfather clock lets her know she’s still alive.  Knowing the truth might just be the worst pain she’s ever felt, far eclipsing even the worst physical pain.  Losing her mind would be a welcome release from the hail storm of troubling thoughts that has taken over her consciousness.

Monsters dig into her flesh, a beautiful, yet horrifying representation of her own perfectionism as it strips her bare.  No sound escapes her lips, she barely even moves as piece by piece is torn from bone.  Only the slowly dying flicker in her eyes gives away the emotion she feels.  Pieces litter every inch of the floor, creating, even in her figurative death, a perfect representation of her pain.

Quietly they finish their work, until every inch of her has been pulled clean, leaving only the beautiful, stark white frame in the corner.  Rocking once more, she surveys the chilling scene from above, watching as the monsters claw and scratch at all that remains.  Silent, she remains, willing the screams that have finally begun to bubble back down into the dark chasm that has become her soul.

Timidly, she pulls back into reality, watching as life continues to move in a flurry around her.  Underneath her cold and tired persona lies just another human being with real emotions and pain, swept under the rug time and time again.  Victimized by her own subconscious, she struggles to find sure footing in a place so unkind and unforgiving.

White hot anger burns slowly through her veins, taking every inch with an exquisite precision.  Exactly when it takes over, she cannot be sure, but when it does, the apocalyptic rage that will overcome her will know no bounds.  Yesterday will be a forgotten memory, as her fire incinerates every thing it touches.  Zero lives will remain, when it has run its course.

And at the end, she’ll once more pull back into reality and shuffle quietly through this life, just another name in a faceless crowd.

Today’s Daily Prompt: A to Z


Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Well, that was difficult!  I didn’t really think it would be that hard.  I’m pleased, and actually a little surprised, I haven’t written anything creatively in a really long time.  For a first attempt in roughly 4 years, this wasn’t so bad!  Oh, and yes I cheated on X. I hemmed and hawed for a while about using X-ray, but it just didn’t fit.  So, you get ‘eXactly’ instead.

I chose the title ‘War’ because that’s what it is, a silent battle inside against all of the perfectionist ideas and what is ‘reality.’


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