My Heterosexual Life Mate | Daily Prompt

Today’s Daily Prompt:

How strange that this prompt would come today, haha.  Anyways, this is my bestest best friend/heterosexual life mate/person I couldn’t live without.

We may get into fights, and have problems, and get grumpy with each other all the time but we’re exactly what the other person needs.  The yin to my weird yang.

Kris and I

It’s an old photo, but I love it.  From a trip to the Renaissance Festival.

I love it because you couldn’t find a photo that describes our friendship more than this one does.

We’ve been friends for just over 6-ish years (that’s close friends) we’ve known each other since our Junior year of high school.  I’ll never forget, my friend Melissa was telling me about this girl in our class named Kristine.  And I thought she was talking about someone else who went to our high school, someone we knew slept around and smoked cigarettes.  So I was like ‘you like her?  Really?  Isn’t she nasty?’ And Melissa was like ‘No, just wait until you meet her.’  And then I did, and we hung out a little bit over the year, chatted in class and everything, but she was always better friends with Melissa.

And then in-between my freshman and sophomore year of college we met up, through Melissa again.  And hit it off.  We had some mutual irritations and were able to really talk about it to one another, because we both understood.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but what good friendship doesn’t?  We’ve been living together for the last two and a half years, and she is probably one of the very few people I could actually live with.

One of the lines in my FB about me section is: My best friend is much cooler than yours.  And it’s true. 😉


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