Von Boyage!

I’m starting to get into full-on party planning mode, so naturally I’ve been looking into favors/table clothes/game ideas/etc. for my party and it has been tiring.  I’ve got everything loosely figured out how I want to do it, just a matter of getting all of the components together. 🙂

I know I’m for sure going to have a Scavenger Hunt for the kiddies (I went to a party today that had one and it was a lot of fun), a couple other ‘kiddie’ orientated games, and a pinata.  I don’t think my nephews and niece have ever actually gotten to do one, so I want to see them have that experience.

As for the adult portion of the party, I’m still trying to figure out a bunch of the specifics, which is tiring.  But I plan on partying until the break of dawn, hahaha!

Half the fun is planning it, right?  🙂

Oh, and yes, I meant ‘Bon Voyage’ but I spelt it wrong the first time and thought it was hilarious, so I just left it.


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