Summer Anthems

I read an article about Willow Smith’s new video on Yahoo! the other day that piqued my interest.  I forgot about it until a couple hours ago, so when I got a chance, I finally sat down to view it.

Let me start off by mentioning that Willow Smith is my guilty pleasure.  Ever since ‘Whip my Hair’ came out I have loved this little girl.  She’s quirky, she’s fun and she definitely has her own sense of style.  And she is the mirror image of Will.  There is NO DOUBT who her father is, haha.

So, in reference to the video above, critics have come out say that the lyrics and material in the video are inappropriate for someone her age (12).

I, after watching it, really don’t see much of an issue.  Sure, the lyrics are kinda suggestive (I put the emphasis on kinda because, as with most things, it can be taken a multitude of ways), but everything else in the video is pretty spot on for a girl her age.  I had summer flings at the age; crushes on boys for a couple months, where we’d flirt, hold hands, maybe cuddle a bit.  Which is all she does in the video.  There’s no smooching, no inappropriate touching/dancing/etc.  The kids are in a pool, jumping on a trampoline and playing on swings… All pretty harmless for a girl her age.  And if someone tries to tell me that at 12 there is no such thing as a summer fling, obviously they’ve never experienced adolescence.  I had plenty of crushes at that age and I feel as if this video perfectly captured the essence of a ‘summer fling’ for a 12-year-old girl.

So with that, Willow, keep whipping your hair back and forth and keep your head up, I know you’ll be fine — ♪♫

You can really see her quirky and fun side in this video, I love watching it still.

In comparison, however, we have another ‘summer anthem’ that has come out.  One that makes my ears hurt.

Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop.’  Not even 25 seconds into the video and I’m already, well, disgusted.  I’ve seen her gyrating on a bed and putting in her ‘grill.’  This girl is 20.  And it only goes downhill from here.  (I’d like to point out I got pretty irritated the first time I watched this when they smashed the french fry skull!  That was the one good part of the video and then… smushed.)

More gyrating… twerking, a girl ‘cutting’ her fingers off and dancing teddy bears.  It’s an eclectic mix of things, which I may have liked if it had stayed at just this… but it gets worse.

“To my home girl’s here with the big butts, shakin’ it like we at a strip club.”  I kid you not.  And this part is accompanied by a lot of twerkin’.  And then from here she makes a play on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance’ when she’s walking in the fur and dragging the animal behind her.  And now we have the see-through mesh bathing suit with the pasties.  Even that didn’t deter me very much from the video, until she starts making out with the doll in the water.

Really.  I could handle all of that before this point.  This is a summer anthem, ‘you can’t stop.’  Ok, I get it.  But really, she doesn’t have to take the video this far.  I really feel like she’s finally jumped off the deep end into the crazy side of the pool.

Inappropriate gestures with her tongue and fingers, mmhmmmmmm.  I just, I guess I don’t get it.  This video is just ridiculous.

And the lyrics?  La-de-de-la-de… We like to party.  That’s about as impressive as it gets.

I understand her wanting to breakaway from Disney, but this song does her absolutely no justice.  It shows the world that she is an immature 20-year-old, trying to make a statement; show that she’s grown-up, not so much Disney.  I think, however, it’s doing the opposite.  It’s showing us just how little she’s grown, and her voice has actually gotten worse.  I’m not ashamed to admit I liked her in the Last Song, I really did.  She showed that she actually had potential.

The top comment on this video is…

“I miss the Miley in the video, and I think we all do too,” – LegoManiac841

Really, we all do.  Can we have her back, please?  I’d give her a fair chance if she took a step back and returned a bit to her roots.  I’m not saying go full-blown Disney, but honestly, she needs to understand she’s pretty much already shed that mold, but now she’s wrapped in this ‘immature kid trying to prove herself’ shell, and it’s doing her no favors.


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