Daily Prompt: Building my Dream Home

When considering my dream home, I’ve actually been all over the spectrum.  I’ve wanted the mansion; huge gates surrounding my property, so many rooms I couldn’t fill them all if I tried and servants running around taking care of all the cleaning while I lounge in the pool.

But I always wake up from that and realize it isn’t me.

And then I have the simple dreams of being a free spirit, never really having a home that I plant roots into.  I’ll travel the world, live in rental homes for a couple months, before moving onto the next city, the next country.

But then I realize, at some point, I’m going to want to root, start a family, have someplace to really call my own.

Which brings me to, what I envision whenever I think about a future.

Now, it has to have a yard.  Not a big yard, because I really don’t want to be mowing the lawn for four hours, but just big enough that my kids have enough room to run around and expend all that excess energy.  There will be a tree house; I always wanted one, so I want my kids to have one.  Plenty of trees for shade, and at least one weeping willow.  Maybe a pool, maybe a man-made pond… Somewhere I can dip my feet and relax, capturing the sunset in words as I unwind at the end of the day.

And then I’ll look behind me, and the simple, yet practical house I’ve made my own will be staring back at me.  I hate artificial light, so there will be plenty of windows.  Oh, and a garden somewhere in the back where I can grow the essentials.

The house will be two stories, though no fancy staircases.  My only ‘must-have’ is a window sill seat on the landing, right inbetween floors.  Bookshelves will line either side and it’ll have nice plump pillows to relax on.  This is undoubtedly where I will spend the majority of my time, so it has to be comfortable.  I also want it to face the West because I want to be able to watch the sunset.

I’d also like to have a library. I just went to Ikea and they have a model of a den.  It has really soft lighting, a dark interior and floor to ceiling bookshelves.  I want that.  Intermixed with glass doors, and a small TV on one side.  It would make a nice escape, a room where I can not only see and feel the books, but take in the crisp, heavenly sent that is new books or the old, well-read, ‘I still stick my nose in the spine’ book scent.

The rest of the rooms really aren’t a big deal for me.  I’d like a kitchen with all the basics, and maybe a breakfast bar or an island.  I’d also like a mud room with my washing machine and dryer right in it so family and guests can step in, take their shoes off and then step into my home.

The living room, dining room and bedrooms, as long as there are windows and warm colors, I couldn’t care less.  Maybe I’ll let a future husband pick those out, if I even find one, haha.

Oh, and there has to be a garage, and I would prefer a basement to an attic.  The basement doesn’t have to be finished, but I would enjoy having somewhere to craft in my spare time, another place I can escape to forget the trails and tribulations of everyday life.



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