But nothing good is happening…

“I want to read good news,  good news, but nothing good is happening.”
– Something Corporate

How true is that?  Nothing good is happening… When you look around you, what do you see?  In the media, what are the big news stories?  We see the murders, the trials for murders, plane crashes, accidents, deaths and horrible, bloody, frightening things…

I want to read the good things.  I want to read about the five-year-old that beat cancer.  I want to read about the girl who saved the girl from being kidnapped?  Didn’t hear about it?  Of course you didn’t.

This fifteen-year-old boy saved this five-year-old little girl from being kidnapped.  He spotted the girl in the car and chased the man for fifteen minutes.  That’s right, fifteen minutes, until the man got scared and let the girl out of the car.  The boy then took her to police who reunited her with her family.

I want to read about everyday heroes.  I want to read about the people who really give us hope in humanity.  I’m sick of seeing all of the bloodshed and terror, and how the media always amps it up and dramatizes everything.

Maybe I’ll do a ‘Good Story of the Week’ just to balance out all of the bad.  Something to give us at least a little bit of hope.


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