I stumbled on this while browsing the internet earlier today.  The ‘frankenstein’ rabbit, which I decided to lovingly call the ‘franken-bunny.’

Watch the video, look at it.  Poor thing, it has what appears to be numerous tumors growing out of its head.  😦  I haven’t really touched on it on my blog yet, but I am a self-proclaimed bunny enthusiast.  I’ve had rabbits for a pet since I was 13 and have a weakness for them.  As soon as I saw the news article for it, I had to read it.

The area wildlife supervisor in Minnesota believes it is a papilloma virus that has caused the protrusions on its head.  He also said, as seen in the yahoo article, that the virus will likely claim the life of the rabbit.

Which opened up a whole can of worms on Youtube.  But I’m sure you already expected that.  Some people are intrigued by the video, post funny comments (the guy, Gunnar Boettcher, in the video is speaking with an Australian/Irish accent) relating to Steve Irwin, some want to get political and cause a fight.  And then you have the animal rights activists, who are instantly putting blame onto the Boettcher for posting a video of the animal, and not getting it veterinarian help.

What some people fail to realize, is what the veterinarian would most likely do, and that’s put the animal to sleep.  It appears to be living a normal life, hopping/running around like normal, eating and functioning as any other normal rabbit does.  Should the rabbit be picked up, taken to a strange place, deemed terminal, and instantly have its life ended?  Or should it be allowed to run around for the rest of its days, nibbling on dandelions (my rabbit loved those) and enjoy the small sliver of earth it calls home?

I, for one, think they should leave it alone.  It’s obviously fully grown, and has done well on its own so far.  There is no sense in interrupting franken-bunny’s life now.


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