20th post!

Happy 20th post… to myself.  Haha.

I’ve been doing decently well at posting every day.  Sometimes I’m just too tired, but I still manage to put something down.  Like right now.

I’ve finished my homework, I’m watching Law and Order, and I can’t think of diddly squat to say.

That’s when I turn to Yahoo!  Having flown quite a bit in my time, and having just recently had a long commute home, I thought this was interesting.


The #1 most wanted airport amenity isn’t a bar, but rather a movie theater.  For those long layovers, what better way to spend it than sitting in a nice cool movie theater, watching the latest movie.  The only problem I have is I would probably fall asleep.  I still think it would be pretty cool though.

Which gets us to #2: a sleep pod.  I would be in one of those so quickly, especially when traveling to Japan and back, that it would be well worth having them.  I wish they had them now.  It would have been nice when I was in Korean airport to be able to sleep for the four hour layover, since I don’t sleep well on planes.


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