I spent my entire day thinking about what I wanted to write today; I thought about AEON part two (I really should finish it) but I wanted to end my day off on a relaxing note, so I thought why don’t I just go with something simple to keep up with my promise.

So here’s to you, random people who have been reading my blog.  Thank you.  Thank you for your likes, your follows, everything so far.  It is honestly what gives me the strength, the courage to keep writing day after day.  I didn’t set out to write some life-changing, all-emotional blog that would inspire everyone.  I set out as a honest goal to myself to write everyday to overcome my writer’s block.  And the likes/views/follows I’ve received so far have really helped.  So thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

Oh, and on a side-note, I had the strangest zombie dream.  I dream all-the-time.  Every night I remember what I dreamed and some really great writing/story ideas have come from my dreams.  Last night, I had a really insane dream about zombies.  My roommate told me she was going to see World War Z today while we were talking last night, and I guess that fueled my dream because I had seen the preview.  So I had a dream that I was in some sort of compound that had high fence walls to keep the zombies out, but no roof.  Well, like in the preview, the zombies just kept throwing themselves at the wall, climbing higher and higher until they got over the top.

So, in the dream they broke in, and I ran out of the compound, out into the night, with a couple other people.  We headed to this town, that was practically over-run by zombies, but had a tavern that looked like a zombie hangout from the outside, but was really a safe-haven for normal humans.  But then, somehow it got broken into.

At this point I woke up, but as it was my day off, I decided I could use a little more sleep.  After about five minutes I fell back asleep, right back into the same dream (which NEVER happens).

I was back again, in another ‘zombie’ town, standing on the second floor of the tavern.  This one had a fence around the building to keep the zombies out.  Well, I saw a zombie on the second floor deck, shuffling across the wood.  Then, its head got blown off by something I couldn’t see.   About 30 seconds later a flaming barrel was tossed onto the deck by the zombies who had crowded around the tavern.  Somehow they had realized normal humans were inside and were trying to get to us.  The barrel was rigged with gun powder and exploded, opening a large hole in the second floor.  Zombies began to flood in, and as I started to look for an exit, I got lost in a maze of stairs and mesh walls/fences designed to protect against the zombies.  Just as I got stuck on a staircase that was blocked by the collapsed ceiling, a zombie hand reached out behind to grab me.

And then I woke up.

I’m sure I’ll talk about my dreams a lot, since they’re usually really interesting/crazy.

Thanks again guys, I love your support!  Have a good night!


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